Easy Chakra Meditation

Easy Chakra Meditation

A chakra meditation may focus on a single chakra or, more typically, all the seven chakras in turn.

It’s usually believed that your chakras reflect your “chi” or life force energy. Like anything else in the human body, it’s possible for the chakras to escape equilibrium. This means that the thing of the meditation is to reevaluate your energy areas.

Sit, stand or lie down. Whichever you’re comfortable with. Then start your comfort as ordinary by taking a couple of deep breaths and allowing your eyes to gradually close.

It is possible to either picture your energy being balanced at each of the acceptable locations or you might prefer simply to find different colours associated with each zone. A good deal of individuals find it a lot easier to simply see colours in the approximate location within their own body instead of going back into high school biology classes and needing to really envision the distinct internal organs.

We ‘ll choose the color strategy here.

Start with knowing what is the third eye. This really is reddish in colour and can be located in the bottom of the spine. Envision a glowing ball of red light that increases in power every time you breathe out. In case the world starts to twist, let it to do that. You might even observe the spinning becoming quicker and the light glowing brighter – that’s nice.

The following chakra to listen to is the sacral chakra, located in the area of the abdomen. This can be orange in colour and affects your own creativity. As before, let this colour to increase in strength and also to twist if it needs to.

Following that, it’s your solar plexus chakra, which is coloured a golden yellow. In the event you’re unsure, your solar plexus is located just beneath your belly button also is connected with “gut” reactions.


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