Joys Of Psylocibe Tempanensis Mexicana

Joys Of Psylocibe Tempanensis Mexicana

What is this tempanensis mexicana? The Philosopher’s stone or Psylocibe Tempanensis Mexicana is the rarest species in the family of Stropharaiceae belonging to the kingdom Fungi. Since cubensis spores have a mystique history behind them, so as the philosopher’s stone. They are famous for their ability to produce deeper thoughts. They were first discovered in Tampa, Florida so they are named as tempanensis or Philosopher’s stone.

The Psylocibe Tempanensis Mexicana has the distinguishing character of forming sclerotic under the mushroom having the psychedelic active components of Psylocin and Psylocibin responsible for generating the psychedelic effect. The strength and duration of the effect varies depending on the dose as well, the environment in which the dose has been taken. However, the effects would be androgenic and hallucinogenic. They have the ability to produce sensational and emotional well being or euphoria among the users. The effect remains there for several hours and vanish gradually depending again on the dose and the person’s strength.

These mushrooms produce the ultimate best results when are dried and consumed in raw form. For the users having a wish to enjoy sweet taste, honey can also be added into it as well as one can make a tea of it or use with boiled water by extracting its active components.

Therapeutic uses of Psylocibe Tempanensis Mexicana have not much reported but the active components do have the ability to treat migraines, headaches, reduce anxiety as well as depression. They must be avoided during pregnancy, or under the age of 18, while driving vehicles as well as in combination with alcohol. That’s why these mushrooms must be used with caution to avoid any ill effects.

Different dosage forms of this rare species of philosopher’s stone are available for the sake of use for different users. So why not enjoy the euphoric effects using these mysterious species having a numerous joys for its user.


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